Friday, June 10, 2011


I just mentioned to my boyfriend that my friend (our friend?) is going to try and sort things out with her ex, her ex who locked her in a room, yelled at her, and threw things at her. He is now basically yelling at me about how stupid we all are.

You're all fucking retarded
Nobody listens to me AT fucking ALL
You're all so goddamn smart
and then boo fuckign hoo, he smacks you upside the head again and I wind up listening to you fuckers whine like toddlers about how you thought he was different
Maybe if he knocks that pretty little smile crooked she'll get it
probably not, but here's hoping
Cause I'm sitting here going "everything in life is pointless and humans are so disappointing"
and then I delude myself for one minute to think that maybe she's not a complete fucking idiot
at least there's some glimmer of hope out there that if you beat a dog enough he'll stop coming back home
but by God, you dry those tears, toss on some heavy eye shadow and get right back in the game
and Jesus Christ, the sad thing is, I'd get the same result if I did it to you
and yet I couldn't get Gabby by swearing my fucking life to her

Life is fun and I fucking hate it.

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