Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sexual frustration

I'm going to be really tmi right now, but it's not like anyone reads this, right? If you do and don't care to hear about my ridiculous sex life, then just avoid this post at all costs.

My boyfriend will not lick my clit.

It's not that big of a deal, I've just never had it done before and I really just want to see what the fuck it feels like. I've been wondering for so long, and now that I actually have a boyfriend and am having sex with said boyfriend it'd be nice to give it a go. I made a deal that I would make him come (which he's been asking me to do for a while but I've said no because... well, i'm not a big fan of le peen) if he licks my clit for two minutes. I'm not even asking him to full on lick my pussayyy, I just want my damn clit licked. FOR TWO GODDAMN MINUTES. His defense is that the vagina produces more juices than the penis does, which is true, but still. The clit itself doesn't, really, so that argument isn't valid. I don't know. He's being difficult about this. At this point I'm going to have to come upon an Iranian love child, but then that brings up all sorts of things I don't want to deal with and that I'm not comfortable with, so I think skipping that route altogether would be the best idea.

I SWEAR TO GOD. So sexually frustrated right now.

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