Thursday, April 5, 2012

This Just In:

Here's some shitty poem I wrote in middle school:

Look down on me,
Like I'm something you envy.
Beat me,
Like I'm something you're not.
Treasure me,
Like I'm all you have left.
Love me,
Like I once was dead.
Mold me,
Like your own.
Worship me,
As I sit on your throne.
Carry me,
Throughout the forest.
This life.
This life.
Is not your own.
Treasure it.
Love it.
Mold it.
Worship it.
For this is all you have.
For this is the last.
For this is the dead.
Beat me,
Like you did your mother.
Mourn me,
Like you did your father.
Worship me,
Like you did the knife.
Destroy me,
Like you did your life.

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