Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It literally, or more so metaphorically, blows my ragged mind with how idiotic everyone is. If it isn't some brother telling his friends how annoying you are or agreeing that you did, in fact, deserve to have a knife pulled on you and kicked in the face, it's your white trash mother throttling you with pathetic threats. If you were a stronger person, this would not happen and you need to recognize that sooner rather than later.

Katie, you need to learn how to stop caring what they think about you and use them for all they have. Ignore your brother, steal from your mother, use your father for money. They're all expendable anyway, so it's not as if you'll actually be hurting anybody by doing so. You only have to put up with them and their bullshit antics for another year, which, when your pathetic little brain thinks about it enough, is not that long. You will have freedom, money, a license, and hopefully will no longer be pining away over some boy who wants nothing to do with your chemically imbalanced mind. Everything in your life is an illusion, so try not to take everything so goddamn seriously. You will literally be feeding off the lower life of the white trash community of your small fucking town until February, then your ass can do whatever. Go on dates, get a job, fucking kill them for all I care. Just grow some balls and defend yourself when they threaten you. No wonder he's embarrassed by you. I fucking am and I'm a PART OF YOU. If a part of you feels like you're a fucking moron, then who else can you trust?

Fucking grow a pair.

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