Saturday, June 11, 2011

4 AM Conversations

Cutie lovenderr !! !,,,!


Thank you for being nice to me and putting up with my bs these past few months.


I'm a little high. Also, I'm gonna write a thank you letter to Sierra for being nice to me. I'd like you to forward it

Okey doke! I like you when you're high




Idk. Just are.

I've decided I appreciate both of you and wanna say so

Well that's adorbz

How come?

I dunno

Essplain bro

I don't knoww. I'm half asleep

I like her. She was nice to me when she didn't have to be. Same to you.

You're welcome? I guess

Eh, I'd like to help her. Help you too


She's sad like you. I help sad people, it's what I'm training for

You usually end up mocking sad people dear.

That's true, but norco makes me feel emotion

You don't always have them

They're shallow. Right now, Sierra is the best friend ever and you're the world's greatest gf


You're both cool. I hope I get the privledge of you guys for a while

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